Kait Quinn is a law admin by day and a prolific poet by night. She studied creative writing at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX and her poetry has been published in two of the university’s literary journals—Sorin Oak Review and New Literati. Her work has also been published or is forthcoming in Chestnut ReviewVERSES, and Polemical Zine.

Kait released her debut poetry collection, A Time for Winter, in February 2019. She is also featured in three anthologies published in 2020: Sunday Mornings at the River, edited by Rebecca Rijsdijk; Mind, edited by Poet Spotlight; and Solace: Poetry of Nature, edited by Austie M. Baird with A.B. Baird Publishing.

Kait’s poetry is both an expression and exploration of her deepest emotions and touches on such topics as depression, anxiety, love, heartbreak, self-care, and healing. She often weaves nature into her poems and loves creating intricate, visceral imagery that hits readers in all the senses.

When she is not writing poetry, Kait spends her time reading, singing, baking banana bread, creating social media content for a local farm animal sanctuary, and binge watching shows on Netflix. She currently lives in Minneapolis with her partner and their regal cat Spart.

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