Awards & Publications

awards & honorable mentions

1st Place Winner for my poem “Morning Song” – 2022 John Calvin Rezmerski Memorial Grand Prize in The League of MN Poets’ 37th Annual Poetry Contest

Top 50 Finalist – 2022 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards

Honorable Mention for my poem “Mind Wanting More,” (published in HEART, December 2021) – 2021 Heart Poetry Award

selected publications

“I Miss Writing Poetry” and “I’m Afraid of Everything That Wants Me,” Vulnerary Magazine, Fall 2022: WITHER, September 2022

“Wrought Iron Fence to the Heart, or the Summer I Lost My Virginity,” Anti-Heroin Chic, Issue 28, August 2022

“This is My Art and It Is Dangerous,” Reed Magazine, Issue 155, June 2022

“When Sylvia Plath Wrote, ‘Who’d Walk in This Bleak Place?'” and “Ancestors,” Last Leaves Magazine, Issue 4, Spring 2022

“I’m Learning So Many Different Ways to Be Quiet (Laura’s Version)” and “Glenshire Park,” Free Verse Revolution, Issue V: Cassandra, March 2022

“I Want to Tell You This Story Without Having to Be In It,” blood moon POETRY, Issue #4: und(h)erstory, March 2022

“Persephone’s Granddaughter” and “If Tonight is All We Have, Stay,” Free Verse Revolution, Issue IV: Hades, Winter 2021

“What Did You See in the Tea Leaves” and “I Haven’t Met the New Me Yet,” Polemical Zine, Issue 16: Future, July 2021

“You Do Not Have to be Good,” Ink Drinkers Poetry, June 2021

“How to Triumph Like a Girl,” “Free to Bleed,” and “Thanks for My Assmorphia, Mom” Honeyfire Lit, June 2021

“The Heart Has Not Stopped (II),” blood moon POETRY, March 2021

“Asphalt” and “Passenger” Polemical Zine, Issue 15, Vol. 2: Memory, February 2021

“Give Me Death” Chestnut Review, October 2020

“Patron Saint of Poets” Harness Magazine online, October 2020

“Lucky Penny” PSPoets, Poet of the Month, October 2019

“But If You Were to Stay” New Literati, Spring 2015

“Granddad” New Literati, Spring 2015

features & interviews

“Interview with Kait Quinn,” Free Verse Revolution, Issue IV: Hades, Winter 2021

Featured Writer” New Literati, Spring 2015