literary journal/magazine publications

“You Do Not Have to be Good,” Ink Drinkers Poetry, June 2021

“How to Triumph Like a Girl,” “Free to Bleed,” and “Thanks for My Assmorphia, Mom” Honeyfire Lit, June 2021

“The Sacred Red” and “Storm” All the Things That Shine (a charity anthology), March 2021 (all proceeds┬ádonated to Papyrus UK and The Survivors Trust)

“Asphalt” and “Passenger” Polemical Zine, Issue 15, Vol. 2, February 2021

“Give Me Death” Chestnut Review, October 2020

“Patron Saint of Poets” Harness Magazine online, October 2020

“Datura” VERSES Magazine, September 2020

“Lucky Penny” PSPoets, Poet of the Month, October 2019

“But If You Were to Stay” New Literati, Spring 2015

“Granddad” New Literati, Spring 2015

“Either Way” New Literati, Spring 2015

features & interviews

Featured Writer” New Literati, Spring 2015