Poems of August by Kait Quinn (PDF)


Inspired by and mostly written while listening to Taylor Swift’s album folkorePoems of August is a collection flooded with nostalgia, scarred with the memory of first love and first heartache, and woven with a journey of personal growth, both as an individual and one-half of a relationship. The poems tell a story of an unwanted romantic longing to be noticed, only to lose herself in a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship. Poems of August is about love and heartbreak but also about finding oneself after piecing the broken pieces back together, remembering who one was before breaking, and building healthier habits and relationships. This is a story of how nostalgia can go from an aching scar to a warm glow—golden as August, wistful as the porch light calling you home.

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Published by Kait Quinn Publishing in July 2021.

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